Ayatollahul Ali Khamenei da bir cu fugitii?

Cateva site-uri ale opozitiei iraniene din exil au publicat un document al Agentiei Nation ale de Securitate, cu antet si stampile oficiale, adresat Garzilor Revolutiei in care se vorbeste despre o inspectie tehnica a avionului care ar trebui sa ii transporte pe mai marii Iranului si pe Ayatollah in Rusia, in cazul in care situatia scapa de sub control.

Traducerea de pe Planet Iran :

Re: Response to a letter number [redacted] written on the 5th of Dey (December 26th).

Salam Aleykom

With respect, we would like to inform you of the inspection, check up and preparation of the aircraft, destination Russia, for the purpose of transporting the Supreme Leader, his esteemed family and various officials of the Revolutionary Guards. Should the commanding forces lose control, direct your attention to the attached permit, number [redacted] of the National Security Agency and the Bureau of Revolutionary Guard’s Intelligence Security in order for the necessary steps to be taken.

Va al-salam

Office of the high assembly of the Islamic Republic’s national security

Commander, Brigadier-General, Revolutionary Guard

Stamped by Secretary General of the High Assembly of the Islamic Republic’s National Security

Stamped by Dr. Saeed Jalili

CC: [redacted]

Compiled and translated from Persian to English by Planet Iran staff.


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