Marhaba, aici Tel Aviv. Stiti unde este Ron Arad?

E a patra oara de cand sunt la Beirut. A sunt telefocul, cu un numar necunoscut si mi-a spus o inregistrare in araba ca mi se ofera 10 milioane recompensa daca il gasdesc pe Ron Arad. Stiti, baiatul ala de prin Iasi, emigrat in Israel, care s-a prabusit prin '82 in Liban cu avionul.

Several residents in the south complained on Monday about receiving recorded phone messages in Arabic offering huge rewards in return for information on missing Israeli soldiers.

Voice of Lebanon radio said the messages offered a $10 million reward.

In June, the Lebanese army warned people not to respond to the recorded phone messages.

Lebanese have been receiving the messages periodically for more than a year asking people to view a website or call if they have information on missing Israeli soldiers, including Ron Arad, whose plane was shot down over Lebanon in 1986.

The army statement at the time said that the messages were a violation of Lebanese sovereignty. It said any response would be considered "clear collaboration" with Israel.

The Jewish state has in the past refused to say if it was behind the calls.


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