Protestele de la Teheran

Am avut o discutie cu un prieten ca nu s-a inteles niciodata cu regimul de la Teheran. Mi-a spus zilele trecute ca se zbat cu totii sa dea jos regimul corupt si ca pleaca si el la Teheran sa iasa pe strazi ca toata lumea. Motivele lui?

Anul trecut in aprilie scriam asta pe blogul in limba engleza. Povestea mi-a scris-o el atunci.

Hasan is a guy who says he doesn't fit in in Iran. Not because he's Kurdish, but because he read almost everything western literature has to offer, although he knows it's illegal. He wants to leave the country, of course, as all young Iranian people who "have a piece of brain". Hasan used to be a computer science teacher at the small university in his town and used to love working with students. He was so full of hope and energy when I met him. He had just finished his Master's degree and he was as enthusiastic about the job at the university he was to start in the autumn. That was almost four years ago.

He recently resigned. Disappointment, he says,combined with the feeling of not belonging and the desire to stay in the house with all his books and study to get a PhD to a famous US University.(a US University that would not really find him eligible as a student because, obviously, he comes from Iran).

A few days ago he told me we were having our last chat on yahoo messenger and that he'd do something, but i won't hear about it. Of course I thought the worst. Did my best to convince him he had a lot to fight for. He really has. He's a brilliant guy. The kind of person that you know would really make a difference if he only had been given the opportunity.

He can't stand talking to his own people. Most of them would betray him, of course. He almost got arrested once. A student asked him during a course about the Iranian president's studies. He rebelled and said Ahmadinejad's diploma's probably false. The next day the secret service people told him to keep his mouth shut or else...

One of his friends got arrested. The kid is 18 and he spoke on a few occasions in front of his fellow students about a federal Iran. They took him to the Intelligence service office in Kermanshah and questioned him. The kid was in jail for three months.

„He was aware that they do any kind of torture just to find out what kind of relation he has with Pajak Group or PKK. And he new they would apply the most efficient of them: raping. A friend had told him about what the Revolutionary Guards used to do in 1980. The Shia believe that when a virgin dies, even unfaithful, the person goes directly to heaven. So, in order to prevent the teens they wanted to execute from going to heaven, the Guards raped them first. Stupid, but so cruel. Reminds you of the Middle Ages, doesn't it?

The first day of the arrest they tortured the poor kid. They undressed him completely and they blindfolded him. He spent 6 hours like thins on the first day. He went through the same torture the next two days, only they kept him like that longer. The kid had nothing to do with the PKK. He was just interested in Kurdish Culture and language and he went to the Iraqi Kurdistan region because he could find more there than in his own hometown.

They didn't rape him, he says. Some slams in the face and small injuries. That was all. They advised him not to ever try to contact other Kurds outside his city and try to concentrate on his study.”

And of course they used the family menace. The kid, whose name I'd rather not give, was a student. He got out of jail after his family paid some 50 000 dollars bail. A friend of his is still in jail.

„ Majid, a zealous student , a perfect atheist was the one who told him about a federal government instead of a decomposing Iran. Majid was originally from north of Iran a firm believer that Kurds are Achilles' Heel of Iran and in the case they want their independence, Iran will decompose to some small countries like Qatar or Kuwait. Majid was strongly motivated to Unite all the parties in Iran and convince them to prevent bloodshed, like it happened in Iraq. They had to recognize Kurds as a Nation not just a large tribe in order to do that. 16 Azar, December 6, is the anniversary of Student's day in Iran. An great opportunity for them to state their beliefs. They needes permission from "Daftar Tahkim" party, the opposition and the legacy of Khatami's era. They met some important figures there but they laughed at him, because every party in Iran tries to prevent the appearance of Kurds in the capital. He convinced one of them that he has 3000 Kurdish students supporting him and that they will attend the anniversary and if they don't let them organize the meeting.

The day before "16 azar " the plan was that he'd talk about the federal governing of Iran and 15 students would cover him when delivering the speech. But none of the 15 students shew up. He spoke anyway. Of course the Guards were among the public. The night after the speech some intelligence service agents and took them to "Evin", the high security jail in Iran.

It was clear that they wouldn't execute them because now everybody knew abut them from the weblogs and Websites. Some famous lawyers defended them. Majid is still in jail. He believes that in not a very distant future the regime in Tehran will be wiped out either by the people or the US.„

The Kurdish kid still has to appear in court. Nobody know when. He could be executed for trying to speak freely about his beliefs. The 18 year old had nightmares every night, Hasan says. He says he even has nightmares when daydreaming.


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