De ce s-au revoltat studentii in Iran

Un mail scris de un amic din Iran. Omul s-a chinuit vreo 2 zile sa isi acceseze mailul, printr-un proxy care merge ca ochii mortului. Direct nu se poate. Nici un site care ar putea avea legatura cu opozitia nu mai poate fi accesat. Si totusi a vurt ca eu sa public povestea asta, care il macina de vreo cativa ani. Se simte nelalocul lui in Iran, se cearta cu parintii pentru ca nu vrea ca sotia lui sa poarte hijab, vrea sa evadeze. Acum vrei 3 saptamani mi-a zis in fuga pe google talk ca el pleaca la teheran sa rastoarne regimul. Am dat de el prin prieteni comuni care au sunat de la Londra ca sa afle daca mai e in viata. Era dar nu putea raspunde la telefon. Sa vorbesti Engleza in public e un risc.

"Iran is a perfect example of the famous story of the “The Emperor’s new clothes”. Like in the story, everybody admires the non-existent dress for fear of not being convicted as a traitor. After a while a child screamed “The king is Naked”. The Green Movement in Iran is that child.

Many students and teachers are not satisfied with the situation in country. When you take a look at the high ranking universities in Iran you can see what I call “displacement”, people that are not in the position they deserve. Some of the professors cannot pass their own term exams. The reason is that the professors must pass the “commitment to values of government” test, which is more important than any professional skill.

But even if you are unhappy, the threat with “execution” is always there. You must hold your tongue, or if you dare to criticize the government you are convicted to be against Islam, Allah, the Prophet, or the Holy supreme Leader. The “rioters” arrested in the last 2 weeks were deemed to be against values in Islam and they face execution.

The dissident Grand Ayatollah Hussein Montazeri made a statement that we wanted freedom for people, not for government. And the people are not free. A riot in a little city in west of Iran against the new policy in fuel distribution was annihilated. Around 10 people immediately disappeared. They were said to have been taken to Mehran area, next to the border with Iraq, held in a container without food or water, locked for 2 months there, in the desert. The Revolutionary Guards spread rumors about the punishments to set an example for any uprising or resistance. The families, thought, were told to keep their mouths shut.

The government is free to claim anything even about freedom Iran is the only free country in the world and we are in the way to be a supreme power firstly in region and then in the world. But when I look at myself and my friends who graduated from best universities in Iran I just see disappointment. We don’t have even the right to access the free world, via internet or satellite or any other media. The government is using technologies bought mainly from China to control anything you communicate: mobiles, sms, e-mails and even weblogs."

Video cu garduri ridicate de guvern in jurul unei universitati.


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