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Requiem for massacred journalists

Originally published in NOW English.

The targeting and execution of journalists is trendy, catchy, and it instills fear. It gives a young jihadist visibility and glory among other young jihadists who dream of such fame. The deadly attack on the Charlie Hebdo magazine in Paris will prompt followers and members of the Islamic State (ISIS) and other radicals to target, abduct and execute journalists more frequently.
A day after the Charlie Hebdo massacre, in the blast of euphoria on jihadist forums, there was other terrible news circulating. Two Tunisian journalists who had been missing in Libya since 8 September werereportedly executed by the Libyan branch of ISIS. A press release circulated on extremist forums with images of Sofienne Chourabi and Nadhir Ktari stated that the jihadist group had “applied the law of God.”
Their deaths did not make headlines; I almost couldn’t find a picture of the executed journalists online. Many other Arab journalists have been executed, kidnapped or sim…